Prestigious Institutions Of C.H.M.E.Society


Shishu Vihar & Balak Mandir - English
शिशुविहार व बालक मंदिर
1 - 4
शिशुविहार व बालक मंदिर
5 - 7


Vidya Prabodhini Prashala - CBSE

We..The Vidya Prabodhini Prashala belongs to the young sect of schools. This schools was established in to build future pillar personalities. We are bound to take Herculean efforts. Along with good education, we enrich extra-curricular activities and real world experience of students.

विद्या प्रबोधिनी प्रशाला ,
मराठी माध्यम इ.८वी ते १०वी

Vidya Prabodhini Prashala
English 5th to 10th

Residential Military School

Bhonsala Military School

Bhonsala Military School, Nasik was established by Late Dharamaveer Dr. Balkrishna Shivramji Moonje, who was a firm believer of Indianisation of the Armed Forces during the British rule and indispensability of military training to Indian youth. Dr Moonje formed the Central Hindu Military Education Society at Nasik in 1935 and started the school on 12th June 1937.

Personality Development Course - PDC (Boys) Summer Military Training Camp - SMTC (Boys)

Bhonsala Military School - Girls

OUR MOTTO:Girls are the potent power, Empower them with Education
OUR MISSION: To Impart training of military skills to the Indian youth transforming each into an enlightened character and educate them towards the successful pursuit of a military career.
OUR VISSION: Evoke and enrich women empowerment through military academics ,providing principled and competent lady officers.

Personality Development Course - PDC (Girls) Summer Military Training Camp - SMTC (Girls)

Under Graduate

Bhonsala Military College

Bhonsala Military College Is A Pioneering Institution Which Promotes Academics With A Perfect Blend Of Military Values In A Caring, Value Based Environment, Which Encourages Students To Be Energetic, Purposeful, Creative, Service Oriented, Responsible, Dignified And Integrated Citizens To Make Notable Contribution To The Armed Forces And Civil Services.


The society has a well developed infrastructure with 165 acres of land in the heart of the holy city of Nashik. The prestigious campus is renowned as "Rambhoomi"
C.H.M.E is running a number of institutions imparting quality education right from K.G to P.G., from Military Education to Technical Education and Social Sciences to Modern Sciences.

Dr Moonje Institute Of Management & Computer Studies
Bhonsala Institute of Information Technology
Bhonsala Career Academy


Bhonsala Adventure Foundation

Bhonsala Adventure Foundation was established on 28th January 1994 at Nashik by the Central Hindu Military Education Society to inculcate the spirit of adventure in the youths of the country. The foundation conducts multifarious adventure activities of varying duration throughout the year.


World Class Sports Facilities

Bhonsala Campus has Olympic Size Swimming Pool and Running Track, Sports Authority of India Coaches and Well Maintained Infrastructure which encourages students for Sports & Athletics

Ruhmo Meto

Rumoh Meto receives national bravery award, Meto was recommended for the awards for freeing his 24-year-old cousin who was caught in a 33-kV high-voltage transmission live wire.

Kavita Raut

winner of the bronze and silver medals in the 10,000 metres race at the Commonwealth and Asian Games 2010
She holds the current national record for 10 km road running with a timing of 34:32 as well as the current national record in the half marathon with a timing of 1:12:50

Kisan Tadvi

Kisan Narshi Tadvi won a gold in boy's 800m in the Asian Youth Athletics Championships

दोहा-कतारमध्ये आशियाई युवा स्पर्धेत "बर्डी एक्‍स्प्रेस' किसन तडवी याने तीन हजार मीटर अंतरामध्ये स्पर्धकांना जवळही फिरकू न देता सुवर्णपदक मिळवले