The Aims and Objects of the Society

Motto Statement

"A person having four vedas (knowledge) in front (to guide him), a bow and arrows (power) at his back (to back him) has a combination of "Brahmyam" and Kshatram" and hence he is capable of defeating the enemies either by "Shap" (Power of Knowledge) or "Shar" (Knowledge of Power)"

The Aims and Objects of the Society

To Instill Martial Spirit amongst the youth in Bharat (India) through Military training, Physical Education so as to develop Leadership and entrepreneurial qualities amongst them and generally to take all steps and adopt all measures calculated to promote the aforesaid aims and objects.

To the aforesaid end, in particular to instil, Develop and cultivate qualities of head and heart in Indian youth and to particularly instil in them qualities to Patriotism and nationalism which would enable them to play an effective and activity role in the process of nation-building.

To instil, develop and cultivate in Indian youth self-discipline, courage. Devotion beyond call of duty and qualities of leadership witch would motivate and encourage them to join the armed and combat forces and public service.

To instil in youth respect for the cultural heritage of India, sense of common brotherhood and love for national integration based on unflinching respect for every caste and community.

To impart such training and knowledge, with particular emphasis on physical training, exposure to adventure sports and training, self defense, military science and general academic subjects, as would prepare Indian youth to assume positions of responsibility in armed and combat forces and public services and discharge such responsibilities with distinctions and devotion.

To the aforesaid end, to establish educational institution, research centers, libraries and other institutions, which would serve as centers of excellence and witch would promote the stated objects of the society.

To take all steps and adopt all measures to ensure that the philosophy of late Dr. B S Moonje, the founder of the society is propagated and his vision and views regarding military education and training and national secretory are translated into reality.

To function as a catalyst in the process of nation-building and to contribute in every possible manner, if need to be, in active association or cooperation with likeminded institutions, to the power and prosperity of India.